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diagnostic services
VS Equine have a range of modern diagnostic equipment and an in-house laboratory which helps our experienced team diagnose injuries, illness and poor performance accurately.
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Collaborative Team
Our team work together across four locations to offer a comprehensive veterinary service for both the client and horses’ benefit.

VS Equine is an equine focused division of Vet Services Hawke’s Bay, Vet Services Dannevirke, and Vet Services Wairarapa. The combined skills of eight equine veterinarians across the wider regions provide a comprehensive veterinary service for both client and horses’ benefit.

General Health & Advice

Health consultations, Dentistry, Freeze Branding, Microchipping and DNA testing, Castration, Reproduction services: scanning and AI, Vaccinations, Pre-purchase examinations.
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24-Hour Emergency Care

We understand that not all vet calls can be planned and offer emergency care 24 hours, 7 days a week.
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Our diagnostic imagery and in house labs provide immediate results. Click here to learn more about Endoscopy, Radiography, Ultrasound, Gastroscopy, in house blood tests and FE counts.
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Lameness & Performance Assessment

Lameness and poor performance investigation forms a major part of our equine team’s work. A thorough lameness examination may involve trotting, lunging, and flexion tests, followed by nerve and/or joint blocks and diagnostic imagery.
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Our Community, Our Animals

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Local Experts

VS Equine is a division of Vet Services Hawke's Bay, Dannevirke, and Masterton. Our Clinics have been locally owned and operated by veterinarians who want the best health care for animals in their community since 1949.

Lameness Examination

Equine Focused Vet Team

Our experienced equine teams share a special interest and extensive knowledge in a variety of equestrian disciplines. Our vets have completed additional studies in equine fields such as dentistry, endoscopy and lameness, to ensure they can provide you with expert care and modern practices.


We’ve got you covered

Wherever you are, we have you covered with all your veterinary and horse health needs. With equine focused facilities and mobile vet teams across greater Hawke's Bay , Dannevirke and Wairarapa region.

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Post Foaling Checks

Great your foal has arrived! That’s one stressful part over for your mare and new-born. We now recommend that you book a post foaling check with your vet

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two horse in a field during daytime

Pregnancy & Foaling

Most pregnant mares should be in or approaching their last trimester. Although the vast majority of mares have uneventful pregnancies, abortion during the last few months can occur. 

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