VS Equine have a range of modern diagnostic equipment and an in-house laboratory which helps our experienced team diagnose injuries, illness and poor performance accurately.

In–House Laboratory

We offer an in-house laboratory for routine haematology / biochemistry / muscle enzyme and electrolytes. Faecal egg counts are also performed in house.

This is useful for a quick turnaround for pre-race or competition sampling but also for “acutely ill” patients.

A more comprehensive laboratory service is utilised through a Palmerston North lab.


We have a portable video endoscope for visualisation of the horses upper respiratory tract.

This is used to diagnose “roarers” – laryngeal hemiplegia / pharyngitis / chondritis of cartilages in larynx / allergy / bacterial or viral problems etc. This may be useful on horses with signs of respiratory noise / poor performance / facial swelling / nasal discharge or commonly coughing.


Digital radiography enables a mobile system of radiography that has improved definition, clarity and ease that many of older vets are ecstatic about… the younger vets know nothing of the days of film and developing at hospitals or in broom cupboards!!

We have invested in 3 units spread throughout the practices.

We require mains power on site – the horse is sedated and radiographs for lameness or yearling sales or pre – purchase exams are able to be produced and viewed horse side / examined in detail back at clinic or emailed for specialist opinion.


We regularly lease a gastro-scope and provide a clinic that is a valuable diagnostic and monitoring service. Clinics are approx. every 3-4 months.


Ultrasound enables us to assess more clearly into tendon and ligament injuries as well as help monitor their recovery. It is extremely useful for imaging more clearly many soft tissue structures. Mobile units enable us to come to you though for best results a darkened room/box and a power source are required. Sedation and clipping of hair over structure is usually required

Foot balance radiography

We are more than happy to work alongside farriers to be part of a team that is working together to provide the best possible performance for you and your horse. We can’t do what farriers do… and they can’t see the bone alignment in the foot as accurately as an annual digital radiograph. This can be a valuable tool to give your horse a balanced foot and a long successful career.