General Health & Advice

We offer both house-calls and in clinic consultations. Our Equine Clinics are located in Hastings (Arena on Ormond), Waipukurau and Dannevirke. All of these locations have equine focused areas, with stables or yards, safe parking and specialist equipment.


To book an appointment/consultation contact the following clinics in each area.


210 Taradale Road
(06) 843 5308


801 Heretaunga St West
(06) 876 7001


43 Takapau Rd
(06) 858 9060


193 – 195 High St
(06) 374 7021

Duty veterinarians provide 24 Hour / 7 Day a week after-hours and emergency cover.

At Vet Services Hawke’s Bay our experienced veterinarians take turns at being on duty and attending first aid and emergency calls outside of business hours. There is always a large animal or equine dedicated veterinarian available within your area who can offer you emergency assistance and horse care.

Annual Health Care Visit

We offer a comprehensive and competitive efficient health care package. This provides all in one –


  • Temp
  • Body condition score
  • Heart Rate
  • Hoof assessment
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Trot up
  • Diet


Equine sedation and routine dental (visual with power float).


Faecal egg count

* FREE worm paste provided*


Booster – Tetanus

– Tetanus and Strangles


Email results FEC/Selenium/Dental chart.

Pre-Purchase Exams

These examinations are designed as a “risk management tool” for a potential buyer and are recommended for all horse purchases.

Assessments can involve some or all of the following:

The format follows strict legal guidelines and the information is confidential to the buyer. Vendor and purchaser forms are required to be completed before any exam. A chat with your preferred veterinarian beforehand on expectations and any concerns is often beneficial to this exam.


Over the last decade or so, we have made tremendous advances in our understanding of equine dental physiology and pathology and treatment of dental problems. Simultaneously we have made dramatic advances in the development of equipment designed to perform equine veterinary dentistry.

Our Equine vets have completed additional studies in the dentistry which mean we can offer a full veterinary dental service at each of our clinics.

Reproductive Services

We can offer reproductive services such as ovary and uterine scanning /timing of ovulations/artificial insemination (fresh/chilled or frozen).

Twin reduction/uterine flushing/pregnancy diagnosis/embryo flushing and freezing.

We can provide an agistment service to facilitate the efficiency of these procedures or you can provide your own crush etc at your facility/premises.

Wound Management

As every horse owner knows, lacerations and traumatic injuries are not uncommon in horses, particularly involving the lower limbs. These are usually related to mishaps with fences, gates or wire. Wounds on the lower limb – below the knee or hock – are always a potential problem. This is because of the unique anatomy of this region. There is very little soft tissue or muscle between the skin and underlying tendons and bones, combined with very little skin mobility. These factors mean that wounds cannot contract well, and blood supply is poor. It is important if functional and cosmetic healing is to be achieved, that appropriate and aggressive initial treatment of these injuries is carried out.

The time between the wound occurring and primary treatment is critical – the so-called “golden hour” – so please do not hesitate in calling your vet if you feel that an injury is serious enough to warrant veterinary intervention. After about four to six hours, primary suturing of a wound in a horse is far less likely to be successful.


Geldings are best performed >12months of age but individual circumstances can require alternative approaches, i.e. early gelding as management aid/ retained testicles etc.

We normally administer a short acting general anaesthetic to perform this operation in field. Weather with any field surgery can be critical and we try to avoid wed/muddy or dusty “operating tables”. We remove both testes and leave the surgical site open to drain to reduce infection/inflammation. We routinely administer tetanus antitoxin, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

A consent form is required to be completed upon booking in. View forms.

Freeze Branding and Microchipping

We can help with branding/microchip insertion/identification certification/DNA sampling that is required by Thoroughbred Studbook and other horse societies. We can offer advice with weaning and undertake hernia repair that is often managed at this time.


Our clinics are well stocked with wormers, bandages, dressings, joint, feed and hoof supplements as well as specialised advice.

If we don’t stock what you require, just let us know, we can usually contact suppliers and order it in.