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Shockwave Therapy

What is it, and why are we using it in horses? VS Equine recently purchased a portable Radial Pressure Wave device so that our veterinary

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Errol the Donkey

Vet Services Wairarapa had a really cool case about a gorgeous wee donkey called Errol last year. Errol caused his mum a lot of stress

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Before you hit the road

Travelling with horses can have its complications and keeping your horses healthy before, during and after transport can be key to event success. Richard Mckenzie

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Rye Grass Staggers

Is your horse moving like its drunk, trembling, falling over, behaving abnormally, or easily spooked? If any of these symptoms sound familiar, your horse may

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AI in Horses

So, you want to breed a champion horse? Richard McKenzie outlines the factors you will need to consider when exploring artificial insemination. Finding the right

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WHAT IS LAMINITIS? Laminitis is a very serious disease of the equine hoof that can lead to a disastrous loss of function. It occurs when

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This is the name given not to “affectionate backs” but to over-riding or impinging of the dorsal spinous processes of the vertebrae commonly in thoracic

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As many of you know, the foot is a common source of lameness; up to 90% of lameness can be located within the foot. The

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