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New Equine Facilities at Hawke’s Bay Showgrounds

We are excited to share some big news! Our VS Equine facilities in Hastings have moved and are now located at the Hawke’s Bay Showgrounds.    You will now have the option to bring your horse to 75 Elwood Road (Gate 13, Hawke’s Bay Showgrounds) for vet consultations. The facilities is well equipped for equines…


Gastric Ulcers and Gastroscopy – The Plot Thickens!

Hot of the press!! Vet Services are very excited to have just purchased a gastro-scope! We are looking forward to now being able to offer this service on a day to day basis A few things have changed since we last spoke – keep reading to find out what the up to date research is…


Selenium Deficiency in Horses

Selenium supplementation is a very topical issue for all horse owners. An essential component in all diets, Selenium plays a vital role in a horse’s metabolism. Together with Vitamin E it is a powerful antioxidant, protecting their cells from damage. The soil in NZ is naturally very low in Selenium, as a result, so are…


Pre-Purchase Examinations

A pre-purchase exam is a fact-finding session which can be a useful for both a buyer and the individual selling the horse. Your vet will examine the horse head to tail following the five stages (listed below) and provide a report with their unbiased, professional findings. The purpose of the pre-purchase examination is not to…


woman in white crew neck t-shirt standing beside brown horse during daytime

Your horse has been diagnosed with colic – what should you do?

Colic is abdominal pain normally caused by a gastrointestinal disorder; however, horses may also exhibit signs of colic with non-intestinal disorders (e.g. shipping fever, ruptured bladder, ruptured uterine artery in mares). It can be very difficult in the early stages to distinguish the mild from the potentially fatal. Therefore, colic should always be considered to…


The Importance of Vaccinations.

Vaccination provides your horse important protection against some of the more serious and potentially life-threatening diseases that can occur. They act to stimulate the body’s natural response to a disease, allowing a rapid and effective response if that disease is encountered later in life. This can be the difference between severe clinical disease and a…


Before you hit the road

Travelling with horses can have its complications and keeping your horses healthy before, during and after transport can be key to eventing success. Richard Mckenzie has been an equine vet and horse owner for over 32 years and shares his tips on ensuring your horse has a safe journey and arrives at your big event…


Rye Grass Staggers

Is your horse moving like its drunk, trembling, falling over, behaving abnormally, or easily spooked? If any of these symptoms sound familiar, your horse may have rye-grass staggers. Rye-grass staggers is a neurological condition caused by toxins in rye grass affecting the central nervous system. Symptoms – Horses with staggers can show a wide array…