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Bee Stings and Horses

Dave Kruger, Vet Services Napier  We see beestings in horses and dogs quite frequently.  Like humans some animals appear to be more sensitive to the effects of bee sting toxin than others. Our 15 year old Anglo-Arab Rushi recently suffered a severe reaction to a bee sting.  We were about a kilometre from the end…


horse on dirt road by fences at daytime

Equine Herpes Virus (EHV)

Are colds, mucous, and coughs interrupting your horses training programme?   Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) is a complex disease – it’s highly infectious and outbreaks can be costly!   Similar to children getting colds when they start attending kindergarten, young horses entering into training are often exposed to carriers of the virus. EHV is spread…


Gastroscope Clinics – April 2022

Our popular Gastroscope Clinic Days are back! Gastroscopy can be very useful in differentiating between gut pain and true behavioural issues – for those cases that are not obviously clear cut. Throughout the month of April we will be offering gastroscopy appointments at the special rate of $250. Waipukurau  Tuesday 5th April Hastings  Thursday 7th…


Errol the Donkey

Vet Services Wairarapa had a really cool case about a gorgeous wee donkey called Errol last year. Errol caused his mum a lot of stress and heartache, but the story has a good outcome! Errol was born then didn’t suckle properly for his first 12 hours. We first examined him because he was dull and…



  Vet Services Annual Horse of The Year sale is coming to you online! With the 2022 Horse of The Year cancelled we have decided to run bring our annual HOY specials online. Similar to last years sale event we will have a range of your favourite equine products on special with bonus gifts and…


Pre Purchase Examinations

A pre-purchase exam is a fact-finding session and can be a useful tool for both the buyer and the seller. It is not a guarantee, an insurance policy, or a value appraisal and it is not a certificate of ability, temperament, or merit. It is a physical examination for evaluating health and serviceability on a…


Interesting Case: Thoroughbred Sarcoid Case

Over the past 12 months Dave Kruger and the equine team have been working with the dedicated owner of a 15 year old standardbred mare with Sarcoids.  In late 2020 a 15 year old Standardbred mare presented with a large skin mass just under her right eye. Numerous smaller wart like lesions were present in…


We are looking for another fantastic vet to join the team!

  This could be the huge opportunity you have been waiting for! We have a long-term prospect for an enthusiastic veterinarian to join our growing equine division located in sunny Hawke’s Bay. Real opportunities to progress your career with CPD support, and a variety of equine, production animal medicine and reproductive work available. Generous remuneration,…


Post Foaling Checks

Great your foal has arrived! That’s one stressful part over for your mare and new-born. We now recommend that you book a post foaling check with your vet to help you keep an eye on any post foaling complications which can occur in the first four days of life.  Your veterinarian will offer a thorough…