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Equine Herpes Virus (EHV)

Are colds, mucous, and coughs interrupting your horses training programme?   Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) is a complex disease – it’s highly infectious and outbreaks can be costly!   Similar to children getting colds when they start attending kindergarten, young horses entering into training are often exposed to carriers of the virus. EHV is spread…


Errol the Donkey

Vet Services Wairarapa had a really cool case about a gorgeous wee donkey called Errol last year. Errol caused his mum a lot of stress and heartache, but the story has a good outcome! Errol was born then didn’t suckle properly for his first 12 hours. We first examined him because he was dull and…


Pre Purchase Examinations

A pre-purchase exam is a fact-finding session and can be a useful tool for both the buyer and the seller. It is not a guarantee, an insurance policy, or a value appraisal and it is not a certificate of ability, temperament, or merit. It is a physical examination for evaluating health and serviceability on a…


Interesting Case: Thoroughbred Sarcoid Case

Over the past 12 months Dave Kruger and the equine team have been working with the dedicated owner of a 15 year old standardbred mare with Sarcoids.  In late 2020 a 15 year old Standardbred mare presented with a large skin mass just under her right eye. Numerous smaller wart like lesions were present in…


Post Foaling Checks

Great your foal has arrived! That’s one stressful part over for your mare and new-born. We now recommend that you book a post foaling check with your vet to help you keep an eye on any post foaling complications which can occur in the first four days of life.  Your veterinarian will offer a thorough…


Gastric Ulcers and Gastroscopy – The Plot Thickens!

Hot of the press!! Vet Services are very excited to have just purchased a gastro-scope! We are looking forward to now being able to offer this service on a day to day basis A few things have changed since we last spoke – keep reading to find out what the up to date research is…


Selenium Deficiency in Horses

Selenium supplementation is a very topical issue for all horse owners. An essential component in all diets, Selenium plays a vital role in a horse’s metabolism. Together with Vitamin E it is a powerful antioxidant, protecting their cells from damage. The soil in NZ is naturally very low in Selenium, as a result, so are…


The Importance of Vaccinations.

Vaccination provides your horse important protection against some of the more serious and potentially life-threatening diseases that can occur. They act to stimulate the body’s natural response to a disease, allowing a rapid and effective response if that disease is encountered later in life. This can be the difference between severe clinical disease and a…